Epson's S-series SureColor Signage Printers

Walker Supply specializes in Epson's line of wide format printers, including SureColor and other S-series models. Epson's SureColor S-series printers are the best 64 inch roll-to-roll signage printer on the market today. Our three available models - the S40600, S60600, and S80600 - all feature different color options and printing capabilities. Learn more about them below.

Epson SureColor S80600

Epson's 80600 SureColor model features 9-color printing, white or metallic silver ink capabilities, and fastest in class photographic quality.

Epson SureColor S60600

Epson's 60600 SureColor, wide format printer features Duel CMYK 6 Color printing with GS3 solvent in and built-in print dryer.

Epson SureColor S40600

Epson's 40600 SureColor wide format printer features 4 Color pringin with GS3 solvent ink from Epson's PrecisionCore(R) TFP printheads.

Epson SureColor S80600 - $24,995 MSRP

Capable of producing reliable, photographic-quality output up to 340 ft2 per hour, the SureColor S80600 represents the finest print quality in the industry.

Epson SureColor S60600 - $22,995 MSRP

Capable of producing reliable, high-quality output up to 550 ft2 per hour, the SureColor S60600 is one of the fastest sign printer in its price class.

Epson SureColor S40600 - $15,995 MSRP

Capable of producing reliable, high-quality output up to 215 ft2 per hour, the SureColor S40600 could be the perfect entry-level sign printer.

Epson S-series SureColor Printer Features

Through a combination of Epson's PrecisionCore® TFP printheads and hardware innovations, the new line of Epson S-series SureColor printers offers graphics arts professionals reliability and enhanced productivity.

  • Built for Commercial Production - new generation S-series feature commercial-grade stand and substrate support system (150 lbs. heavier than the previous model) allowing for consistent proper alignment and feeding of media.
  • Accurate Paper Feed - redesigned platen with 40 pinch rollers and adjustable tension allows for an incredibly accurate paper feed, reducing banding, head strikes, fewer reprints and higher productivity.
  • State-of-the-art Print Heads - Epson's all new PrecisionCore® TFP Printhead features Epson Precision Dot Technology, Variable Dot Technology, and Precision Dot Microwave Technology allowing for unbeatable quality at high print speeds.
  • Automated Maintenance - Epson's Fabric Wiper System automates cleaning of the machine and only requires manual cleaning once per month from a typical user.
  • Air Filtration System - reduce contaminants inside your machine by running air through two filters during the printing process.
  • Ultra-chrome GS3 Ink Support - get top-of-the-line image quality and color gamut with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, Orange, and Red. These ultra-fast drying inks allow you to print, finish and ship in the same day


  • 4 Color Printing with GS3 4-color solvent ink
  • PrecisionCore® TFP printheads
  • Sealable banner printing at 215 ft./hour
  • Vinyl output at 170 ft./hour


  • Dual CMYK 6 Color Printing with GS3 solvent ink
  • Sealable banner printing at 550 ft./hour
  • Vinyl output at 310 ft./hour
  • Includes Print Dryer


  • 9 Color Printing GS3 9-color solvent ink
  • Unique Red solvent ink available
  • Option for white or metallic silver inks
  • Fastest in class photographic quality output at up to 340 ft./hour

Epson SureColor S-Series Videos

Get to know all the features and capabilities of the Epson wide format S-series printer below.

Epson S-series Printer Overview

Out of Box Setup

Ease of Use

S-series General Usage Tutorial

S-series Media Handling

S-series Control Panel

S-series Maintenance

S-series Photographic Quality

S-series Product Concept

FastSigns Testimonial for S-series

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We have been in the business of supporting graphic and printing arts professionals since 1927. As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and the large format printers we supply. That's why we stand behind Epson's new S-series printers.

In order to support the graphic arts industry, Walker Supply specializes in high end, large format printing tech supplies, hardware, and more. Not only can you get the tools you need to process customer orders and get prints out the door, we also support the necessary accessories and media used in daily operations.

We support several industries within the graphic arts community. If you have large format printing needs or are looking to upgrade your current wide format printing setup, Walker Supply can help you explore cutting edge large format printers like the Epson S-series SureColor models.

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