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SAi Flexi
is the only all-in-one design, print and cut software for sign and print providers. With nearly 3 out of 4 shops using it, Flexi is the industry-standard for sign-specific design tools, RIP software, print-and-cut software, and direct vinyl cutting.

Please contact us if you are interested in a free product trial or a consultation: 800-775-9528.

Flexi Subscriptions

Subscription Products

SAi now offers its popular Flexi software on a subscription plan. Flexi is the most complete design, RIP, vinyl cut, and print & cut package in the industry. Subscription customers receive automatic updates, so they always have the latest features available. In addition, they receive free phone and email support.

Two product levels are available on subscription:

Flexi provides a full suite of design and production tools for both vinyl cutting and printing. This subscription product offers the same feature set as the top-of-the-line FlexiSIGN & PRINT traditional license product.

Flexi Design is a design-only product. Get all the design, layout and image editing features of FlexiSIGN & PRINT traditional license. Add a Flexi Design subscription when you want to expand your business or during periods of peak demand.

Subscription plans are available on a month-to-month basis or on a lower-cost annual contract.

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Traditional License Products

SAi offers a full line of products that fits a variety of business needs and sizes. SAi has the right software solution for you. From a simple package for text layout and vinyl cutting, to a total solution with a full design suite and RIP features for vinyl cutting and printing. Read more about our SAi Flexi product levels below:


This SAi flagship product offers the total solution for print, print-and-cut and direct-to-vinyl production workflow. It includes powerful wide-format RIP software with a full printer and cutter production feature set as well as a complete design application that makes sign and print design easy. No matter what types of jobs you need to produce, FlexiSIGN & PRINT has the tools.


This product has everything professional sign makers need for direct-to-vinyl design and cutting, without the need for wide-format printing capability. It includes full graphic design, text serialization and color tracing features. It also has drivers for over 1,000 cutter models and unique features to optimize cutting speed and make weeding faster and easier.


This product has everything wide-format print businesses need for easy print and print-and-cut production, without the need for direct-to-vinyl cutting. In addition to versatile nesting and tiling features, it also includes banner finishing, textile step-and-repeat, spot color matching and more. Also enjoy the industry's most seamless print-and-cut workflow that allows you to add multiple contour cut lines to any design in a matter of seconds.

Flexi Designer

A program you can use as a second, design-only station. Get all the design, layout and image editing features of FlexiSIGN & PRINT, as well as file preparation for output on another Flexi Family station, or 3rd party RIP station, without the full price investment.