About us

Four Generations of Service

In 1902 Edwin Harvey "Dude" Walker, a pressman at the Times-Herald newspaper in Dallas, Texas moved to Washington, DC and took a job with the Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing. He spent several years at the Bureau employed in the Division of Issue at the U.S. Treasury. In 1910, Edwin joined the US Government Printing Office and in 1914 he was appointed Foreman of Press Work. After years of service with the US Government, Mr. Walker decided to go into business for himself, and in 1927 founded E.H. Walker Supply Company in his basement in Washington, DC. The company was originally engaged in the sale of equipment and supplies used in the photo-engraving process.

Edwin Walker was succeeded in the business by his sons, Worth and Bernard "Hap" Walker. Ed Walker took over the business in the 1960's and Kyle and Kent Walker have been at the helm since 2002.

Throughout the years, Walker Supply has always focused on meeting the needs of graphic arts professionals with quality products backed by a high level of service. Walker Supply has become firmly established as a leading source of products for printing companies, corporate and government entities, newspapers and digital imaging specialists. More recently, our customer base has expanded to include sign shops, artists and photographers as a result of our longstanding relationship with Epson America and their Professional Imaging Products.

The technology has evolved over the years, but the guiding principle has been the same since Edwin Walker delivered his first order back in 1927. Building trust and relationships one customer at a time and responding to the demands of the marketplace with products that will help Walker Supply and our customers succeed into the next generation.