Burnishine Clear Gel Non-Abrasive Roller Cleaner, 32 Oz.


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CLEAR GEL is an ideal product for daily cleaning, deglazing and quick color changes. CLEAR GEL removes contaminants from rollers, and when used regularly, will keep rollers like new! CLEAR GEL is compatible with all presses and is perfect for cleaning color heads. Why stock several cleaners when CLEAR GEL will do it all?


  • Prevents stripping and glazing; removes calcium
  • Ideal for quick color changes—even black to yellow!
  • Extends roller life; saves money!
  • Non-flammable; non-toxic; safe for daily use—won’t swell rubber
  • Compatible with all presses

Remove ink from press with roller wash. SHAKE WELL and apply a thin bead to distribution roller. Idle press for 2-3 minutes and remove with roller wash.