DYC Air-Tack F 20" x 24" Blanket .0375

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The Air-Tack F is a printing coating blanket designed for use in business forms printing.

The Air-Tack F printing blanket is a compressible printing blanket designed for business forms printing and coating applications. The Air-Tack F boasts excellent adhesive balance, in which the blanket stays secure on the cylinder, yet peels clean for easy change. It features a micro-porous sponge rubber layer eliminating the bulge at the nip of the cylinder. This reduces the slipping between blanket and plate assuring longer plate life. The rubber surface and compressible layer are specifically designed to assure dot sharpness and high printing contrast.

Features & Benefits:

  •     Consistent gauge control

  •     Polished, super smooth surface

  •     Reduced bulge at cylinder nip

  •     High contrast

  •     Ultra sharp dot

  •     Longer plate life

  •     Easy application to small cylinders

  •     Easy clean peel removal