Cheesecloth, Grade 40, Econocut 589922 30" x 36" Fiberweb


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Veratec Cheesecloth is an economical general wipe that’s also perfect for specialized uses such as applying gum. Other materials often absorb too much, increasing the chance of oxidation, scratches, grease and dirt on plates. Veratec Cheesecloth is excellent for buffing plates to a dry, smooth, and streak free finish. It won’t leave lint or any residue and can reduce scumming and half-tone plugging. Requires less water, particularly at start up.

  • No Guesswork—Allows the proper amount of absorbency, so it won’t absorb too much.
  • Multiple Uses—Veratec Cheesecloth is excellent for buffing the plate to a dry, smooth and streak free finish. Leaves no lint or residue.
  • Better Desensitization—Going directly to press or into storage, a properly desensitized plate will allow quick roll up and increased water receptivity to the non- image area.
  • Reduces Run Issues—Reduced scumming, halftone plugging and requires less water, particularly at start up.