Poletape 1" x 200'


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PoleTape & PoleTape Pro is a highly aggressive pure adhesive film used to make pole pocket hems or for splicing banner media together. PoleTape is a faster and more cost-effective solution than sewing or welding pole pockets. Ordinary double-sided pole banner tapes do not have the strength needed to make reliable pole pocket hems. PoleTape can be used to make strong pole pocket hems without sewing or welding. We also recommend grommeting through the PoleTape at both ends where longer-term outdoor use is expected.

PoleTape is recommended to use with double-sided blockout banner material. PoleTape Pro is recommended if you require bonding in higher temperatures between 0-200F°. If using 13 oz 1-sided banner media we do recommend that you pre-test PoleTape with your specific media and environment to make sure you are satisfied with the pole banner tape adhesion levels