Alumabond 37" x 32' Textured Printable Aluminum with PSA 12 mil


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Alumabond is an 8 mil aluminum film/foil with a white textured print coating and permanent, clear adhesive. The aluminum base makes Alumabond fully conformable to complex wall and floor surfaces, such as brick and asphalt. A sand-textured print coating adds slip resistance. Alumabond is compatible with Mild Solvent, Eco-Solvent, Latex, and UVC printers. Use for intermediate- to long-term applications where conformity is necessary, especially for complex surfaces such as brick, asphalt, and any other highly textured surface. Each roll is suspended and individually boxed.


Product construction:

  • 8mil Robust Aluminum Foil, PVC-Free. No over-lamination required.

  • Adhesive: 3mil High-Tac solvent/acrylic. (Thickness variation +/- 10%)

  • Surface: White Semi-gloss, Slip-resistant sand embossing.

  • Total Caliper including adhesive 11mil.

  • Roll Put-up: 37.8”x32’, 37.8”x50’, 37.8”x98’.

  • Release liner 90 lb. Single PE Coated Paper.

  • Final tack 24 hours.


Use with Mild & Eco-Solvent, UVC and Latex printers. (A pretest for ideal printer settings is always recommended).


Apply to Various sealed and unsealed surfaces. Cement, Brick, Cinderblock. Asphalt, Pavement, Concrete, Tile, Marble, Vinyl and Wood. indoor and outdoor Walls, Stairs, Floors, Ground and other surfaces. Product construction is designed for easy mounting onto clean & dry surfaces. Minimum install temperature surface is above 45 degrees F. Rounded corners or soft-shaped graphics will be less prone to lifting. Not intended for vehicles to drive on. For uncommon surfaces or time-sensitive applications, a pretest is recommended.


Application: Highly Textured Floors and Walls

Construction: 8mil Conformable Aluminum Film White/Face Silver/back. Indoor or Outdoor Slip-resist Pavement, Floor, or Wall Digital Decal Material. Conforms to textured surfaces.

Put-Up: 37.8”x 32’; 37.8”x 98’/ 54″ x 32′; 54″ x 98′