Installers Rivet Wheel


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Our fleet graphics and vehicle wrap Installers Pin Wheel is made of solid stainless steel to withstand all the rigors of an installers daily requirements. This uniquely designed pin wheel allows fleet graphics and vehicle wrap installers to put air release holes (never use knife slits) into an entire rivet strip of a Big Rig trailer to make your installs much faster and easier than ever before. 19 pins that remain sharp and put a perfect round hole where you need it and can be run all the way up and down an individual rivet or an entire row of rivets as seen on most truck trailers. Said to cut 2.3 hours of install time per trailer application. Do the job right with the right tool for the job!

The rivet wheel is used by installers on truck trailers where there are rows of rivets run up and down the truck trailer.  An installer applying vinyl to a truck trailer needs to go over each rivet on the truck by hand and each rivet may take 1-4 air release holes. Since a truck trailer can have hundreds of rivets, using a rivet wheel will allow the installer to run the rivet wheel up and down each row of rivets to put air release holes in the vinyl. Then the installer can more quickly complete the task of getting the vinyl film to conform around each rivet. 

  Why use this tool:

• Speeds vinyl installations on trucks & trailers.

• Creates round air release holes on bubbles/rivets.

• Increase production around rivets by 50% or more

• Made of solid stainless steel to withstand installers daily use.

• Cut hours of install time!