CAD-COLOR 30" Magic Mask Medium 25 Yard Roll


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Remove designs from their carrier and transfer to the garment.

Transfer designs cut on your vinyl cutter from the heat transfer material's carrier to the substrate. Medium tack allows you to remove and transfer materials of medium thickness and weight.
The perfect accessory for in-house production of designs, names, and numbers cut from heat transfer materials.
  • Keeps weeded designs debris-free
  • Apply liner when storing designs
  • Available in 125 yard roll

Masking Process

Step 1: Remove mask from liner.

Step 2: Position mask over weeded design. Use a squeegee to eliminate air bubbles.

Step 3: Remove design from carrier by pulling at a 90 degree angle.

Step 4: Place masked design back on liner until ready to heat apply.

Save the mask liner to use with the masked design.